Interviews & Conversations

Undersea Cables to Africa: Meta and Google are Investing w/ Andrew Blum, Roger Goldman and Alison Kuhlow (KPCW Mountain Money)

Will Google and Meta Control Africa’s Broadband? w/ Andrew Blum and Ethan Zuckerman (Reimagining the Internet)

What is your Specific Lonely Like? w/ Okwiri Oduor (Guernica Magazine)

Unexpected Lessons — In Nairobi: The Other Objects – A New Behaviour w/ bethuel muthee, Keguro Macharia, Neo Musangi, and Aleya Kassam

Conversation 16: Carey Baraka (Eclectic Spacewalk)

On Travel Writing w/Rolf Potts

Behind the Essay: Letter to the Tanzanian Boy at Church Camp in Mwanza (Off Assignment)

On Rejecting Religion and Writing it (Black Letter Media) w/Thabo Jijana.